Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Five Crochet Hats of the Day, April 22

Spring is Here!  A little chilly today but lots of sun! 

Time for more Spring Hats!

1.  Sunny Yellow Crochet Newborn Hat!


2.  More Sunny Yellow!  Another Newborn Hat!

Crochet Baby Hat with Flower, Crochet Baby Hat, Newborn Hat, Baby Hat, Bright Yellow Baby Hat, Hat with Flower, Baby Girl Hat

3.  Crochet Baby Blanket and Matching Newborn Hat in Buttercup Yellow!

Crochet Baby Afghan, Baby Girl Afghan, Christmas Gift for Baby, Yellow Baby Afghan, Newborn Girl Gift, Baby Afghan, Holiday Gift for Baby

4.  Lemony Baby Hat!  Mmmmmm!

Crochet Baby Hat, Baby Hat, Lemony Yellow Baby Hat, Newborn Hat, Newborn Baby Hat, Lemon Hat, Citrus Fruit Hat

5.  Yellow Ruffles Baby Hat!!!

Crochet Baby Hat with Yellow Ruffles, Yellow Baby Hat, Newborn Hat with Ruffles, Crochet Baby Hat, Newborn Baby Hat

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