Monday, April 28, 2014

New FREE Crochet Flower Pattern -- "Dahlia"

Another new Free Pattern from Lakeview Cottage Kids!  Beautiful Crochet Flower -- "Dahlia"

“Crochet Dahlia Flower”
Beautiful Embellishment for Hats, Headwarmers and Purses


The photographs and patterns included in this document are the property of Lakeview Cottage Kids.  Any reproduction, copying or sharing of this pattern is not allowed.  This pattern is for personal use only.  Items made using this pattern may be sold, but please give credit to Lakeview Cottage Kids.

Lakeview Cottage Kids
Copyright  2014

Here is the video tutorial for "Dahlia"!!!

Skill Level:  Advanced Beginner

Use Size H Crochet Hook  (You can actually use any size hook to get the size that you want…..try all kinds of sizes!  It’s fun to see what you can come up with!)

Materials Needed:

-  Small amounts of  Worsted (#4) in 3 colors of your choice   One color will be used for the center of the flower (Color A), one color for the 6-petal layer (Color B) and the third color will be used for the 12 petal layer (Color C).
-  Crochet Hook, Size H, 5.00 mm
-  Yarn Needle  (Used for working in loose yarn ends and for sewing the    
          flower to the hat, headwarmer or purse.)

Gauge:  Gauge doesn’t really matter for this pattern.  Just try different hooks to get a bigger or smaller flower.


Round 1: (Use the color you have chosen for the center of the flower, Color A.)  Using the “Magic Circle”, Work 12 dc in the circle.  Join with slip stitch to top of first dc.   (12 dc)  Ch 1.  Fasten off and cut yarn, leaving a length of yarn about 4 or 5 inches long.  This will be worked in later.

Round 2: (Change to Color B.)  (This row creates the base for the first row of petals.)  Insert hook into the dc just to the right of where you fastened off the yarn for the flower center.  Yarn over and pull yarn through the dc.  * Ch 3.  Skip 1 dc.  Slip stitch in the next dc. *   Repeat from * to * 5 more times. 

Round 3:  (Continue to use the same color yarn as was used in Round 2.  This is the row that creates the 6 petals.)  Slip stitch in first Ch 3 space.   **Ch 2.  Work 2 double crochet in Ch 3 space.  Ch 2. Slip stitch in same Ch 3 space.**   This creates the first “petal” of the flower.   Slip stitch in 2nd Ch 3 space.  Repeat from ** to **  5 more times.  Slip stitch in slip stitch between 6th and 1st petals.   (You should have 6 petals.)

Round 4:  (Change to Yarn C.)  Ch 1.   (This row creates the base for the next row of petals and all sl st are done at the base of Round 3.)  Turn entire work so that you are looking at the back side of the flower.  This is very important!! Skip Ch 2.  Sl st in space  between Ch 2 and first dc, *Ch 3, skip 2 dc, sl st in space between dc and Ch 2.   Ch 3, skip 2 Ch 2, sl st in space between Ch 2 and next dc*.  Repeat between * and * 5 more times ending with the last sl st in the  sl right before first Ch 2 of the row.  Ch 1.

Round 5:  Turn entire work so that you are now looking at the front side of the flower.   Sl st into first Ch 3 space.  Ch 2, work 3 dc in the same space, Ch 2.  Sl st into the same Ch 3 space.  Sl st into next Ch 3 space.  *Ch 2, work 3 dc in the same space, Ch 2.  Sl st into the same space.  Sl st into the next Ch 3 space.*  Repeat from * to * 10 more times.  This should create 12 petals.  Sl in slip stitch between 12th and 1st petal.   Fasten off leaving a length of yarn about 20 inches long.  (This is used to sew the flower to the hat, headwwarmer or purse.) This will complete all 12 petals of the last layer of the flower.  Weave in all of the other loose yarn. 

Sew your completed flower to your finished hat.  Enjoy! 


  1. Thanks for sharing your crochet talent! Love this video tutorial! I like to add flowers to many things and always need to inspiration! Thanks again:)

  2. THANK YOU for this wonderful video! I tend to struggle with written flower instructions and was able to follow your video and pause as needed to catch up. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity and crochet skills. I now have a cute flower for my granddaughter's hat!

  3. Not sure how, but I ended up with 7 petals and my final round had 14! Looks good though :-)

  4. Love it! What a cute flower for my OSU hat. Thx much for sharing!

  5. Crocheting is my favorite since childhood days. But I never succeeded in making a beautiful crochet like you. I know practicing will shape my skill. But I don't get enough time to do that as I am a working professional. I want to make this one by seeing this helpful video. I will gift it to my little baby boy who is turning two in the coming week. This will be a special day for me and him. Thanks a lot for the inspiration.
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