Thursday, June 12, 2014

"One Green Leaf"....... FREE Crochet Leaf Pattern #2 Today!

Here is the second leaf pattern.  You will notice that it is very similar to the "Little Leaf" pattern.  This one, though, has a little more width at the base of it.  It's a bigger leaf all around.  It makes a nice look when grouped with a "Little Leaf"!

“One Green Leaf”
A Crochet Leaf Pattern


The photographs and patterns included in this document are the property of Lakeview Cottage Kids.  Any reproduction, copying or sharing of this pattern is not allowed.  This pattern is for personal use only.  Items made using this pattern may be sold, but please give credit to Lakeview Cottage Kids.

Lakeview Cottage Kids
Copyright  2014

Skill Level:  Easy

Size:   Completed leaf is approximately 2 inches long (not counting the stem) and about 1 ½  inches wide (this will be determined by your  tension, gauge, size of yarn and size of hook.)

Use Size G Crochet Hook  (I used this size hook to get this leaf, but you can actually use any size hook to get the size that you want…..try all kinds of sizes!  It’s fun to see what you can come up with!)

Materials Needed:

-  Small amounts of  Aran weight yarns (#4) in color of your choice   (For a leaf, I would use various colors of green, but I have also been know to make much more colorful leaves, too!  J  )
-  Crochet Hook, Size G/4.25 mm
-  Yarn Needle  (Used for working in loose yarn ends)

Gauge:  Gauge doesn’t really matter for this pattern.  Just try different hooks to get a bigger or smaller leaf.

Leaf Pattern

Chain 8 .  In the fourth ch from the hook, work 8 dc.  Work 1 dc in the next  ch.  In the next ch, work 1 hdc.  In the next ch, work 1 sc.  In the last ch, 1 sl st, 1 ch, 1 sl st.  Now work up the other side of the leaf.  1 sc in first ch.  1 hdc in next ch.  1 dc in next ch.  Work 8 dc in the last ch.  Sl st in the first stitch of the leaf.
To add the stem, ch 5.  Turn and 1 sc in each chain.  Sl st in the first stitch of the leaf. 

Fasten off and keep 15 inch length of yarn to sew leaf onto hat or purse.

Weave in the loose end at the beginning of the leaf. 


  1. Thank you for this lovely leaf pattern; it will go with some flowers for the preemie hats I make.

  2. Such a good tutorial. I tried a lot leaf crochet pattern but I couldn't make 1.

  3. i'm sorry i'm still new at crocheting and i was wondering if there was a video tutorial of this, mine isn't coming out right and i don't know what i am doing wrong. =(

  4. Such a lovely little pattern - thank you for sharing!

  5. Hi - are these UK or American stitches?

    1. Thanks for asking. My patterns are written using American stitches.

  6. I can get to where it says to work the other side of the leaf and then it doesn't work out right, any hints?

  7. Hola! No logro entender la traducción, tendrás un patron con dibujos de los puntos?

  8. Love making theses beautiful coasters. Thank you so much for these adorable patterns