Crochet Video Chris Longe of Lakeview Cottage Kids

My Crochet Video Tutorials
     --  The "Magic Circle or Magic Ring"
     --  The Slip Knot, Chain Stitch, and Single Crochet Stitch
     --  Crochet Flower -- "5 Petal One Layer Large Crochet Flower"
     --  "Crochet Sunflower"
     --  Crochet Flower -- "Dahlia"
     --  Crochet Flower Bookmark
     --  The "Double Crochet" Stitch
     --  The "Single Crochet" Stitch

     --  The "Little Leaf " Crochet Pattern

     --  "One Green Leaf" Crochet Pattern 

--  The "Knit Kit"

--  "Baby Beanie with Sunflower" Crochet Tutorial

--  How to Crochet a "Beak" for Character Hats  (Penguin, Turkey, Chicken...)

     --  "How To Use Etsy"

 --"Inserting a Fleece Lining into a Crocheted Hat"



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  3. Do you ever anchor the lining at the top of the hat?