Crochet Video Chris Longe of Lakeview Cottage Kids

My Crochet Video Tutorials
     --  The "Magic Circle or Magic Ring"
     --  The Slip Knot, Chain Stitch, and Single Crochet Stitch
     --  Crochet Flower -- "5 Petal One Layer Large Crochet Flower"
     --  "Crochet Sunflower"
     --  Crochet Flower -- "Dahlia"
     --  Crochet Flower Bookmark
     --  The "Double Crochet" Stitch
     --  The "Single Crochet" Stitch

     --  The "Little Leaf " Crochet Pattern

     --  "One Green Leaf" Crochet Pattern 

--  The "Knit Kit"

--  "Baby Beanie with Sunflower" Crochet Tutorial

--  How to Crochet a "Beak" for Character Hats  (Penguin, Turkey, Chicken...)

     --  "How To Use Etsy"

 --"Inserting a Fleece Lining into a Crocheted Hat"



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  3. Do you ever anchor the lining at the top of the hat?

  4. Thank you for this tutorial. How many yards of fleece is needed for the ear flap hats for toddlers? Thanks


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